lessons from the prison

Lessons from the prison (or in our case, quarantine).

I don’t want to over dramatize what we are going through in our nation right now.  My personal situation – quarantined in a home with more than enough food (and toilet paper phew), internet, a cell phone, etc. etc. – pales extremely in comparison to prison and the hardships that many people are facing around the world today.

I am fortunate and blessed.  Daily learning to change my perspective to gratitude and humility.

That said, one thing I am so grateful for in this season is the extended time I have had to spend in God’s presence. I sure don’t like the difficult moments, but I love how God speaks in the midst of them.  It’s amazing what we’ll hear when we actually slow down and listen to Holy Spirit.  He loves to talk to us.

The last week or so, Holy Spirit reminded me of the story of Joseph, specifically when he was unjustly put in prison.

If you don’t know Joseph’s story, read it in Genesis 37-47.  It’s honestly incredible. Hollywood couldn’t come up with something that wild, and it actually happened!

In Genesis 39, Joseph was, at this point in his life, in charge of the household of Pharaoh’s captain of the guard.  He “prospered” and “the Lord gave him success in everything he did” (Gen. 39:2-3).  But, this quickly changes when he is falsely accused of raping the captain of the guard’s wife and he is immediately thrown in prison.

I can only imagine the frustration, confusion, and helplessness Joseph must have felt.

Joseph didn’t know how long he was going to be in prison. And the story doesn’t explicitly say how long he was there (it’s speculated that it was 10-11 years!)

But the story does give some insight into what God was doing in this “prison season.”

“But while Joseph was there in the prison, the Lord was with him; he showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden.  So the warden put Joseph in charge of all those held in the prison, and he was made responsible for all that was done there” (39:20-22).

Even in prison, God was with him.

What can we take away from Joseph’s imprisonment in light of our current situation?

  1. Joseph had favor, and responsibilities/leadership over other prisoners.

Who/what are we responsible for in our own lives right now?

First of all, ourselves.  How are we taking initiative in our relationship with God? What is our perspective and attitude?

Secondly, our neighbors and family members. There’s a lot we can’t do right now, but we can be praying for them, reaching out to them, demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. (Galatians 5:22-23).

Also, as followers of Jesus, we have the burden of the nations. We can pray for a global redemption and revival as this crisis is impacting the world. (Psalm 2:8, Matthew 28:18-19, Revelation 7:9).

  1. Another lesson God’s been speaking to me through this story is patience.

 Joseph didn’t know how long he was going to be in prison. This could have caused deep hopelessness and anxiety.

When he interpreted the dream of the cupbearer and the baker, he most likely thought he was going to be freed after the cupbearer was restored to his position. But the cupbearer forgot Joseph and his time in prison continued.  (Gen. 40). Gosh I sure don’t like to hear this part of the story. I wonder what Joseph felt in that time.  Disappointment? Abandonment?

I came across this quote I had written in my notes a while back, and it speaks about patience in a much more timely and eloquent way than I can,

“The singular mark of patience is not endurance or fortitude but hope.  To be impatient…is to live without hope. Patience is grounded in the Resurrection. It is life oriented toward a future that is God’s doing, and its sign is longing, not so much to be released from the ills of the present, but in anticipation of the good to come.” – Robert Wilken.

If you are like me, your patience has been tested in this season.  (And oh boy, we are only into day two of full quarantine…)

But there is so much hope. Praise God that the story is not finished.  The Resurrection and the story of the entire Bible continually reveal that God always redeems.  Death, despair, and imprisonment is never the end of the story for God’s children.

Let’s live in “anticipation of the good to come.”

  1. Lastly, something the Lord highlighted to me about Joseph’s time in prison is his humility.

 Sometime after interpreting the cupbearers dream by the power of God, Joseph was called upon to interpret a dream that Pharaoh had.

Despite remaining in prison all those years, Joseph acted in humility, acknowledging that he could not interpret the dream by his own power, but only with the help of the Lord:

“’I cannot do it,’ Joseph replied to Pharaoh, ‘but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires.” Genesis 40:16.

In our present situation, a microscopic germ is crippling the whole world. What an opportune time to bring a humility reality check to mankind. My prayer is that (starting with myself!) we would humble ourselves before God and recognize that there is nothing we can do without Him. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

At the end of Joseph’s imprisonment story, God’s power was what set Joseph free.

This is the happy part of the story we all like to hear. Pharaoh dresses Joseph in nice robes and a gold chain and parades him around the nation. How sweet that freedom must have felt to Joseph.  And not simply freedom, but abundance and honor. (Gen. 41:44-46).

The story goes on to be one of forgiveness, redemption, and restoration.

From a human perspective, no one could have predicted this end of the story.

But from the perspective of the sovereign God of the universe…who sees and loves his children, who is not in a rush, and who is the greatest story teller of all time…the prison moment was essential to the bigger picture.

We may not know why we are in this current “prison” season or how long this will last. But God knows, and that has to be enough for us. I believe that this is a season of preparation for a greater redemption story than we could have imagined.  And that this season of “prison” is going to usher in one of the greatest revivals this world has seen.

Let us not grow passive with ourselves, family, friends, and neighbors.  Let us remain patient, and full of faith.  And let us pray in humility, crying out to our loving and all-powerful Father who knows the end of the story.

personal COVID-19 response

Resurrection only comes after death…

The Lord spoke this so clearly to me this morning as I was spending time with Him and asking questions in the midst of confusion and disappointment with what is happening in our world right now.

Resurrection only comes after death.

Though our world is going through a period of death – sickness, loss, fear (all things the enemy will use to steal, kill, and destroy) – I have so much faith that God is going to bring a great revival out of this.  What the enemy has intended for evil, God will work for good.

With Easter being three weeks from this Sunday what amazing timing to see church doors reopened.  People’s hearts will be so ripe to receive the message of resurrection – the simple gospel.

I am believing that this Easter there will be more salvations in America on one day than ever before! Eyes will be opened to the life offered in Jesus Christ, and the reality that we do not live for our time on this earth.

Yet, we are still in the season of death. We are not over this yet. But, until Jesus comes back we will never be over “this.”  The coronavirus will come to pass, but sin and brokenness and schemes of evil will be here until the day Jesus comes back.

BUT the good news – He is still victorious. In fact, He tells us to take heart because he has overcome these things (John 16:33). However, in the meantime, that doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge the mess or don’t feel the pain.

So, what do we do in the midst of the mess?

I have been asking God “what can I do?”  I want to help! I want to see transformation come out of this!

The first step and response I know to do right now is pray.  God is sovereign.  He isn’t shaken by this.  He is in control.  As his children we must trust that our good Father sees everything that is going on, and we can ask him in faith to cease sickness, to shift fear to faith, and turn sorrow to joy!  He is a good Father and answers our cry to Him.

The second thing I know to do at the moment is to speak hope – the hope we have in Jesus. If you are reading this and you do not know Jesus as your savior, please please reach out.  The greatest thing we could ever do in a time like this is point people to true healing, true security, true life.  Jesus is that and so much more.  He is everything.

Lastly, if you have needs

  • tangible (food, supplies, etc.)/financial need
  • childcare
  • OR want prayer

PLEASE reach out to me!!

Keep praising God in this time of death.  Keep believing that He is good and in control.  And keep praying until the resurrection and revival come.

Resurrection is coming.

Love you fam. ❤

Miami to New York to Orlando – February Testimonies!

Testimony time!

Wanted to share a few highlights and testimonies from this past month! It’s been my favorite one in 2020 so far. 😉

This month I went from doing ministry at the Super Bowl in Miami, to fashion week in New York City, back to Orlando to wrap up my last week of outreach in my School of Ministry Development.  February has absolutely flown by, but it has been so much fun and so life-giving for me.


As a part of outreach, my team went to Miami the weekend of the Super Bowl to evangelize and raise awareness for human-trafficking. The day before the game there was a big party at the beach.  It was a heavy environment of people seeking belonging through their status, image, and temporary pleasures. The chaos and emptiness of the party was a stark contrast to the natural beauty and vastness of the ocean right behind it.  I took a moment away from where the party was happening to walk to the water’s edge and breath in the presence of God. In that moment, God reminded me that we get to literally carry His presence into the dark and chaotic environments in the world.  We are called to be on mission, to be carriers of the Holy Spirit, wherever we are.  Anywhere we go in this world (whether it’s our own neighborhoods or the other side of the world) there is darkness, there is emptiness, there are people seeking the love of God.

This isn’t a testimony of one wild encounter or transformation, but a testimony to the lifestyle we are called to constantly live.  A lifestyle where the wild encounters and transformations come as a result.  God gave me deeper revelation on our call as followers of Jesus to plant and scatter seeds of his love everywhere we go. As our team walked around the outside of where the party was happening – praying over the environment, sharing the gospel, and handing out cards to connect people to the local church – I know there were many seeds scattered. Through simple obedience, whether we plant, water, or harvest the seed, we can trust that God is the one who makes it grow.  Coming out of this moment in Miami, I have even more faith for America.  More faith that as we live a life constantly on mission and scattering the seeds in our grocery stores, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, etc., we will see the faithfulness of God to bring about growth for the harvest.

The night before the game our team went to South Beach to pass out booklets that raise awareness of the human-trafficking that happens at large events like the Super Bowl. As we were walking around I noticed a young woman with an older man, and without going into too much detail, it didn’t look like the best or safest situation for her. I really wanted to talk to the woman but didn’t feel right approaching her while she was with the man.  Later in the evening I, along with a few friends, stopped into a coffee shop and moments later the young woman and the man came inside. The man headed to the bathroom as she sat at a table by herself and I knew this was a divine moment to go and have a conversation with her. It was a simple conversation where I got to share with her what we were doing and tell her that God really wanted her to know that her life has so much value.  When I asked if I could pray for her she said yes and asked if I would pray specifically that she would know her life has value.  As soon as I wrapped up praying for her the man came over to the table and I knew it was my time to go. I couldn’t shake the moment I had with this young woman who may have never had anyone look her in the eyes and tell her how valuable she is.  I left this moment (and entire weekend in Miami) in awe of God’s pursuit of every single person and how He uses our seemingly small and simple obedience for moments like these.


New York:

The theme of simple obedience and the absolute joy of experiencing God through speaking into the lives of women continued to amaze me at fashion week in New York City!  I joined a team of 13 women with Models for Christ for outreach at fashion week.  As a team we volunteered at a total of 22 shows throughout the week.  The thought that 22 New York runway fashion shows have women backstage interceding over the industry and carrying the presence of God into these places is crazy to me! Every season I walk away with a greater awe of His love for every sphere of society and the ground that is being taken for the Kingdom in the fashion industry.

This season was especially redemptive for me as it was exactly 5 years from the time I first did fashion week outreach as a part of the Discipleship Training School with YWAM Kona.  That was a tough season in my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  To be back in New York, doing the same outreach with YWAM, and coming SO far in my health on many levels is a testimony to God’s kindness and goodness. One of the main things He showed me on this outreach is that the best kind of growth happens over time.  Growth in my personal life and growth in the believers in the fashion industry.

We live in a culture where we love instant.  We desire instant growth and instant change.  But, instant can be short lived and artificial.  The breakthrough I experienced on a personal level over the last five years, and the breakthrough I got to witness in the fashion industry and the outreach with Models for Christ, demonstrates the power of persistent prayer and God’s perfect timing and constant faithfulness.  I am encouraged to keep dreaming, keep pressing in to His love, keep pressing in to more growth for the next five years, ten years, and the rest of my life!

Feeling very grateful for moments like this where we can look back and see that all along God was consistent and developing something so beautiful.



This week is the final week of my School of Ministry Development in Orlando!  Over the weekend all of the outreach teams have come back to campus and we will spend the week debriefing as an entire school and celebrating all that God did.

I am so grateful that I stayed local for outreach.  Through our times evangelizing on college campuses, serving the YWAM base, and weekly visits to nursing homes, I have continued to learn in this season that true love is often inconvenient and un-glamourous.  Truly loving others means fighting for them, but also sitting with people where they are. Truly loving means laughing with one another and at times crying with one another. Truly loving means being okay with remaining unseen by others and making sure that others know that they are seen.

Throughout this outreach on campus, I have gained more revelation on Paul’s description of God’s love in 1 Corinthians 13: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

I am more in love with Jesus than ever before, and that makes this entire season worth every second.

Regarding what’s next…I will be sending out another update soon!  Stay tuned as I am really excited to share with you guys what it is!

Happy New Year! outreach 2020 begins

Happy new year!  Hard to believe it’s 2020! Every year I find myself saying, “Can’t believe it’s (fill in the year) this past year flew by!”  With each passing year, I find myself realizing more and more how much I’ve grown, yet also how much I need to grow to look more like Jesus.  God is SO good, patient, and faithful in transforming me year by year, day by day, moment by moment.

Thanks to your prayers, encouragement, and financial support, I am ending this year having officially completed the lecture phase of the School of Ministry Development (SOMD) at YWAM Orlando! To tell the truth, I was hesitant about being a student again this fall after graduating from college earlier in the year.  Finishing my degree after six years was one of the best feelings thus far in my adult life and I was not quite ready to become a student again. However, looking back on the past 12 weeks, I can say with full confidence that the SOMD was absolutely God’s calling.  It has been an impactful and formative season.

With another season of classroom learning over, it feels like there’s a thousand things I could write about the last three months.  I have grown in confidence in my leadership skills and have a better understanding of how I naturally operate and where I can grow in working in teams.  The Lord has sharpened my vision on what I am passionate about and dreams he has uniquely placed in me.  Moreover, my love for Jesus and the bigger picture that He has for all of humanity has grown.

The next portion of the SOMD is outreach! In my latest update I had shared that I will be staying at YWAM Orlando for the seven-week outreach phase.  The campus outreach team is made up of five SOMD students and we will be doing a variety of ministry over the next few months.

Each week will look different, but some of the consistent things we will be doing are…

  • Working in the mission’s engagement department at the YWAM base.
  • Leading local outreach teams with the winter Discipleship Training School (DTS) students.
  • Evangelism on various college campus’ in the area.
  • Weekly Bible study at a nursing home in the community.

In addition to this, our team will be in Miami for four days during the Super Bowl to partner with an anti-human trafficking organization.  Miami is one of the biggest cities in America for human trafficking and the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events for this.  It is such a privilege to partner with God at this event and I am expectant for a move of the Spirit at the Super Bowl this year!

Finally, I am so excited to share that in February I will be participating in another Fashion Week Outreach (FWO) in New York! I am particularly excited about serving with Models for Christ this upcoming Fashion Week because it will be my first time volunteering in back-to-back seasons.  My last FWO was in September and I got to connect on a personal level with some of the models and other dressers at the shows.  I am praying that I will be able to meet with these women again this season and continue to sow into them and build relationships. New York City can be a very hard and lonely place, so it is such a joy and privilege to be a friend to these women who don’t necessarily have anyone intentionally pouring into them and praying for them.

Another reason I continue to go back to Fashion Week season after season is the struggle of women not knowing their identity.  Women who find their value in appearance, competition, and performance burdens my heart. I have lived that struggle and found freedom in Jesus and Jesus alone.  It’s too good not to share!

Throughout my experience with various ministries I have found that I feel called to speak life and truth into the women who are not reached by typical church “women’s ministry.” While I loveee women’s gatherings at churches, women’s small groups, the cutesy blogs, books, and studies, I have found that there are so many women who don’t even have a grid for these things. My heart is to bring the Church to these women.  Fashion Week Outreach is one way that I get to participate in this and I count it such an incredible privilege. It is so true that God uses us in the ways that we feel least equipped and least qualified.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I am not a natural fit for the world of high fashion.  But every season, I fall in love with this ministry over and over again.  And even more than the ministry, I fall in love with Jesus over and over again. This is why I keep going back. All glory and thanks to God for the opportunity to do so!

To cover the expenses of this upcoming Fashion Week Outreach, I am raising another $800.  If you feel led to give towards this trip you can do so through my PayPal, CashApp: $CassieLBaker or Venmo: CassL-Baker.

I am also always in need of support through prayer!  If you would like to partner in this way some specifics are:

  • Open doors to share the gospel on college campuses in Orlando.
  • Gospel opportunities and salvations at the Super Bowl.
  • Continued relationship building at Fashion week and opportunities to share Jesus with the designers, models, and volunteers.

Thank you for always being there for me.  I appreciate it more than you know.  If you have any questions about this outreach or just want to say hi, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Happy New Year and may God bless you in 2020!

<3, Cassie

November Update!

I figured it was time for another update since it’s been over a month and a lot has been happening in my life here in Orlando!
God never ceases to surprise and amaze me.  Never ever.

I have some exciting news that is an important change since I last reached out!  The past month I have been wrestling with unsettled feelings about saying yes to go on outreach to Lancaster, PA.  I was struggling with the confusion of why I felt this unrest when I had initially felt like God asked me to say yes to this outreach team. It is an amazing opportunity with incredible people.

When I had to choose an outreach location at the beginning of this school, Lancaster was the open door I believe God was calling me to step into. I believe He was asking me to lay down the plans I came in to this school with, bury the idol that I had made out of a specific kind of ministry, and sacrifice this to go wherever He may ask me to go. It was a difficult yes to go to Pennsylvania, but I felt that the Lord was asking me to take this step of faith.

However, as time has gone here in Orlando, and the more I have caught the vision for what planting the YWAM Lancaster base will look like, the more I have felt an unrest about going to Pennsylvania. The past month has one of my continual prayers has been seeking the Lord on why I was feeling this way. Was it fear that planting the YWAM base would be difficult? Pioneering is difficult but, in all honesty, I didn’t feel fear around that fact.

The more I prayed and processed with my leaders, the more I felt the Lord giving me a peace and settled heart about staying in YWAM Orlando for my outreach!

Throughout this process God has been teaching me humility, flexibility, and walking in continual awareness of Holy Spirit.

Above all, He has been teaching me to fear Him and not man.

I naturally tend to operate as a people pleaser and a perfectionist – two things of the flesh I have to continually battle in the Spirit because,

1. I must live to please God and not man, and 2. I am nowhere near perfect.

Living in light of these truths, I am continually learning to trust God, and trust Him some more. I am once again in awe of God’s grace, mercy, kindness, and processes.

All that being said, I am so excited to spend my outreach in Orlando! There are many aspects of this outreach that make my heart come alive, and I will be following up with more detail on what this involves! 🙂

As logistical details are coming into place (i.e. financial costs) I am asking that you would pray about partnering with me on this outreach.  I am believing the Lord for $1,000 to cover the expenses.
If you feel led to give financially you can do so through Paypal or Venmo – @CassL-Baker.

Thank you, always, for being my family and my support.
Wishing you all an incredible holiday week filled with rest, family, and of course, feasting.
God bless!
– Cassie

every day is extraordinary

Slow mornings have been giving me life lately.

This past summer was full of early mornings for work, church, appointments, etc. basically every single day. No sleeping in, wake up with no alarm, make yourself pancakes kind of mornings for this girl.  Recently however, since coming back from an incredible 9 days in New York City – update on that to come!) I have been able to sleep in, wake up with no alarm, go on walks, and spend some slow time with Jesus in the mornings and it has been healing my soul. Funny how when we apply biblical principles to our lives (ie. Sabbath rest) it really does do something amazing.

The other morning I was praying and I wrote in my journal, “God, thank you for the ordinary days and the extraordinary days.” Right now, life feels super ordinary to say the least.  As I prepare my heart and my suitcases for a 5-month training school with YWAM I am in that weird transition period of seemingly nothingness.  I am a girl who loves to work, who loves to be busy, who loves productivity.  In my “ordinary” moment of prayer God whispered back to me, “every day with me is extraordinary.”

Wow, ain’t that the truth.

When we have the Holy Spirit living in us we are the temple of the living God!

1 Corinthians 3:16, “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?”

Romans 8:9-11, “You, however, are not in the realm of the flesh but are in the realm of the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ. But if Christ is in you, then even though your body is subject to death because of sin, the Spirit gives life because of righteousness. And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you.”

There is nothing ordinary about that if you ask me. I love how God teaches us new revelations in every season if only we are willing to listen and obey.

I am learning that whether I have a day full of productive work, a day of travel and excitement, or a day of resting and slowness, Jesus is in the midst of it all.  Holy Spirit is in the midst of it all.  God our Father is in the midst of it all.

And that, friends, is an extraordinary life we get to live.

YWAM Orlando – Part 2

Ok friends UPDATE time Part 2.

I have some really exciting news to share!

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned over the past 5 years of moving around and following this seemingly crazy path God has guided me along is to listen to the Holy Spirit no matter what.  Sometimes the Spirit speaks in a gentle whisper and sometimes it’s a bit louder.  I am the type of person that wants the clearest possible guidance from God (like written in the sky, or plastered across a billboard – neither of which have ever happened for me), but often times it’s the gentle nudges and whispers that have led me to where I am.

Last month at Infusion in YWAM Orlando I felt the Spirit of God, in his kindness, speaking to me once again.  The few times I have been to this YWAM base I immediately felt the culture of family.  It is a special place.  As we arrived for Infusion I felt an inexplicable sense of home, belonging, and excitement.  After the first few days on base this feeling would not go away and began to pray about it. My prayer was that I wasn’t just caught up in the feelings and emotions from being in a special place.  Rather I prayed if this is where God was leading me in the fall to do my School of Ministry Development, that He would make it clear.

There is absolutely no doubt in my heart that God is leading me to do the School of Ministry Development (SOMD) with YWAM this fall.  My plan the past few months has been to attend this school in YWAM Denver; however there was something that kept me from paying the down payment for my school fees (even though I had the money to do so.)

YWAM Orlando offers the same school at the same time as the base in Denver. As I prayed about the feelings of home and sense of peace at the Orlando base, God continued to confirm this to me through the affirmation of people I love and trust, a ministry opportunity that has been on my heart for over a year that is taking place there, and other small nudges.

So, all that being said, I have officially made the decision to do the SOMD at YWAM Orlando this fall!  The first 12 weeks of the school I will live on the base in Florida and participate in leadership training and local outreaches.  The second half of this school will be some kind of outreach – either international or local.

One of the amazing things about God’s guiding me to this base is that the community I have lived in the past year has great relationship and connection with them.  The bridge between YWAM Orlando and my church here in St. Joseph is continuing to grow and God’s strategy and kindness over every part of this past year and next steps is evident.

I’ll be honest – I had fear over making this final decision.  Fear of what others would think.  Fear that people would think I’m flaky or indecisive or led by emotion.  Fear around finances.  Fear that I now have to fundraise enough for my outreach. (I still plan on working as much as possible this summer to pay for the training phase).

But fear is a liar.

Another valuable life tool I’ve learned in this journey God has brought me on is that I’ll probably be afraid of 99.9% of the great things God is calling me to.  But real faith is built through taking the step of courage and obedience despite the fear.

In line with this principle, there is one more thing I want to share.  That is I have the amazing opportunity to serve again with Models for Christ at New York Fashion week this September!

I fasted and prayed about this decision for a week and have never felt so much warfare over making a choice about one week of my life. One of the biggest things that was keeping me from committing to this outreach was the fear of finances.  However, I believe wholeheartedly that God called me to go to this fashion week outreach, so I booked a ticket (even though the Delta website literally would not let me after three tries!! Get behind me Satan!) and am so expectant for what the Lord is going to do at this fashion week outreach!

From September 4 – 13, I will be in New York City to join a team in partnering with Models for Christ.  This is the same organization that I worked with during my DTS outreach.  We will serve at the shows, evangelize, and show Christ’s love to the models as they work in an incredibly harsh, unforgiving and competitive industry.

Over the next month and a half, I will be working 5 to 6 days a week at a café and a coffee shop to save as much as possible for all that is to come this fall.  It’s been a sweet reminder of God’s provision and that literally everything we do is unto His glory!

Finally, I want to ask if you would pray about partnering with me in this journey.

We all need a community of praying friends behind us.  In addition, I will need financial provision for the mission work God is calling me to.

It’s all about seeing His Kingdom come. 

My fundraising goals are

Fashion Week Outreach: $500
SOMD Outreach: $3,00-$4,000

To help me reach this goal and give financially you can do so through my Paypal account linked below!


Whether you choose to partner with me financially or in prayer, I am SO grateful for you.

Please keep in touch!  I am here for you as much as you guys are here for me.

With love and gratitude,


Infusion Testimonies! YWAM Orlando – Part 1

Overdue TESTIMONY TIME from Infusion, the high school camp I had the opportunity to serve at last month!

It. Was. Incredible. God never ever ceases to amaze me with the unique and specific ways he pursues each one of us.

To give you a broad recap of the camp it was a period of 6 days filled with teaching, activation moments, worship, prayer, and, of course, fun competitions and games.  I, along with a co-leader, led a room of six 16-year-old girls. It is with abundant faith and joy that I can say there was a true shift in each of those girls from that week at camp!

One of my favorite testimonies from the week was the freedom and absolute change in self-confidence and joy that God brought for one of the girls in my room.  On the first day of camp this student admitted to me that she struggled with social anxiety to the point where she was pulled out of school to be home schooled.  She wore head phones without playing music at almost all times she was around others to cope with the anxiety.  My co-leader, Elliott, and I both felt from the moment we met her that God was going to free her from her dependency on wearing the headphones.

Almost every morning of the camp we joined with the YWAM base for an hour of worship.  During these mornings we also took time to pray over the students, and there was opportunity for anyone to go up on the stage and share a word from the Lord. The second morning of camp, the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray over my student for peace and freedom from anxiety.  As soon as I finished praying over her, another student went up on stage and shared about getting out of your comfort zone, encouraging others to do the same.  I looked at my student and asked her, “Do you think you can give me your headphones?  Me and Elliot both know that God wants to set you free from having to wear them this week.”

She was hesitant and afraid, but took the step of courage and said yes, handing over her headphones to me!

This was just the first step of breakthrough God was bringing to her that day.  That evening we were back in a time of worship and started praying for people in the room who needed healing.  The same girl told me that she needed prayer for her foot because it had been hurting.  A group of students and leaders prayed over her foot and I continued to intercede for her freedom from anxiety in that moment.

God, in his faithfulness and grace, showed up! God healed her foot along with other students who had physical pain! Right after, those who had been healed had the opportunity to go up on the stage and share what God had done.  I looked at this student once again and asked if she wanted to take another step out of her comfort zone, going up on stage to share what God just did for her.

A look of fear overcame her as she shook her head no.  I continued to encourage her telling her she could do it, and despite her fear and anxiety she agreed.  I was amazed at the grace of God and the bravery in this young woman who had been bound by fear and anxiety as she walked on to the stage and testified over a microphone in front of over a hundred people that God healed her foot!  When she walked off the stage, she looked me in the eyes with a look of joy and freedom on her face and said, “I don’t feel anxiety right now!”

I was speechless and amazed once again at the power of God to set someone free in an instant.  Throughout the rest of the week, this girl had a different demeanor about her. It was like a weight had been lifted off her.  She even participated whole heartedly in evangelism later that week, going up to strangers and sharing what God was doing in her life!

There were many other moments of breakthrough and freedom for each student at the camp.  The staff is continuing to hear reports of lasting fruit as the students go back home – students are getting baptized, starting Bible studies with their friends, and planning worship nights in their communities!

Although exhausted at the end of a week of pouring into high school students, I also left that week feeling filled and refreshed.  I left with a greater urgency to go into the world and share the good news of Jesus.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes…” (Romans 1:16).

We have the answer to the chaos in the world.  We have the hope for the thousands and thousands that are bound by anxiety, depression, fear, emptiness – the wages of sin.  Whether my world is a youth camp, a corporate office, a classroom, a coffee shop – wherever! –  I never want to forget what Jesus has done and his command to share this with our world.

Thanks be to God that the more we share who He is, the more joy and freedom we get!

Thank you for your support and prayers.  I absolutely would not be where I am today without the intercession, friendship, and financial support of my loved ones.

Thanks for being a friend.  I hope you feel encouraged as I do about how fun and faithful our God is!

Stay tuned for another UPDATE coming out soon with some exciting news!

Until next time,


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One of my favorite pictures from the camp of a student from our church in Michigan!
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The sweet room of girls I got to spend the week with.

changing seasons, changing rhythms – post college life and new moves

Hello friends!

Hi, yes, I’m still here.  It’s been a long minute since I’ve written for the blog to update people on my life.  These days I don’t write as many life updates since my life has been the most stable this past year than it has in the last six years.  Also, most of my writing…well all of my writing efforts of late, have gone toward finishing college.  Two words I thought I may never say in that order – finishing college. I did it! I finally completed a four-year degree after six years of living in six different states, at three different schools, and with two changes in my major.  I now hold a bachelor’s degree in ministry leadership with a discipleship emphasis.  School taught me discipline, commitment, when to say no, when to say yes, strengthened my writing, and much, much more.  Though this was a great accomplishment for me, one of the biggest lessons I learned in getting this degree is that it is not the title of a degree that qualifies you.  I have a long way to come in loving others well and the ultimate mission of living like Jesus.  I am incredibly grateful looking back on my college experience and there’s not a thing I would change about the unique path I took.

Currently, I am still living in St. Joseph, Michigan.  It has been just over a year since I moved to St. Joe and it has been one of the fastest passing years of my life!  My schedule was routine for the most part – working part time at a church in youth ministries and an administrative role, and part time at a coffee shop. Between ministry events, school work, weekend trips to Grand Rapids, and a ministry trip to New York City it has been one jampacked year!  With summer approaching (or already here I guess! Fooled by this crazy Michigan weather!) life is starting to slow down for a little while.  Finishing school last month honestly felt like getting to the end of a 6-year marathon – sweaty, out of breath, exhausted from every effort given, but so satisfied. Right now, I am enjoying the “post-marathon” pace of life and sipping the recovery drink of rest in God’s presence.

God has reminded me that we run to get stronger.  To build our endurance.  This last year was one of growth in my endurance and capacity. Reflecting back on the year, I now see how the work of finishing school brought so much personal growth and maturity.  It is truly the grace of God that brought me through and resulted in a year of fruitfulness.

As I wrapped up school this spring, I had the question looming over me of, “What’s next?” The church that I am part of offered me a job, and I don’t have enough words to describe how grateful I am for Road to Life Church and the family they have become to me.  However, for some reason, I did not have peace about accepting the job.  It makes sense to the eyes of the world to take a stable job in the position that you got your college degree in, but I have to be obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and I knew from the Lord that I had a choice.  Throughout a season of praying and fasting for guidance on next steps, the Lord placed YWAM on my heart once again.  I never thought I would go back to do another school with YWAM, but God is funny, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s never say never.

I am excited to share that this fall I will be returning to Colorado to do a training school with YWAM Denver!  The School of Ministry Development (SOMD) is a secondary level school with YWAM that is a leadership school designed to release you into full-time ministry.  From September to December, I will be a part of this school in Denver. Following this time I will have the option to go on outreach.  I am not sure at the moment if I will go on the outreach phase and trust that God will show me what to do when the time for a decision comes.

The Lord’s kindness and grace is all over this next transition! My time in Denver almost two-years ago (doing an internship with Open Door Ministries) was a difficult season.  I fell in love with the city and people but lacked community and sustainability.  Returning to Colorado as a part of the YWAM community is a sweet gift from God.  The word that the Lord gave me over this upcoming season is “deposits.”  A deposit is an installment, entrusting someone with something precious and valuable.  I am believing there are specific deposits of vision for ministry and leadership that God is going to put in my heart.

For the rest of this summer I will continue to work at the church part time over the summer and also at a local restaurant in Benton Harbor. In contrast to my previous years with YWAM, I felt from the Lord that I am not supposed to fundraise for this school, but to instead work as much as I can and save towards it.  I will be stretched more financially than I have even in previous years with missions, but I am ready to step into deeper trust in God’s provision and break off any stronghold of worldly financial security in my life. Security in money is a temptation that is easy for me to fall into, and I don’t want there to be anything hindering my full trust in God.

One more exciting opportunity I have this summer is taking 18 high school and middle school students from my community down to Orlando June 16-24 for Infusion summer camp! This is the same camp that I have led at in YWAM Kona in previous summers.  I am so excited to be a part of this camp with students who I have been working with all year.  Infusion is an incredible time of breakthrough and empowerment for young people, and I can’t wait to see the impact these students will have when they come back to southwest Michigan! Since I am working to save as much towards my school in the fall, I want to ask for any financial donation towards Infusion camp.  I owe $100 towards travel costs for the camp. I am asking, if you feel led, to consider giving the cost of what you spend to fill your gas tank.  You can do so by check or cash, or through my paypal account – clbaker04@gmail.com.

In addition, I would love your support through prayers for the students going to the camp – for breakthrough, a deeper encounter with God, a zeal and passion for serving God that would continue through their school year, and safe travels.

Finally, THANK YOU.  Thank you for being a constant support and encouragement over the years and making every part of God’s work possible in my life.  I am so grateful for the people I have in my life – near and far – and know that this is truly what the body of Christ is about.  Love every one of you and hope to see you sometime soon!

❤ Cassie

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love and be loved – lessons from a turkey

There’s a lot I’ve been learning lately.  About adulthood, community, friendship, hard work, and God.  Living in an old house with 5 other women, where we host anywhere from 30-50 people weekly, has been one of the more educational experiences of my life.  There has been loads of laughter, a few tears, lots of prayer, and a fair amount of screams due to the perks of living in an old house (think rodents, sewage back up, snaking the drains…but those are all stories for another time).

Monday night at my house we hosted our monthly young women’s group for the church.  Usually this group is geared towards high school and college age girls, but because of the holiday week we opened it up to women of all ages and coined the night “gals-giving.”

Because the house ebbs and flows with who lives in it there is an assortment of stuff that gets left behind when people move out.  This worked in our benefit this week as someone had left a 16-pound quality, organic, local turkey in the freezer!  “Gals-giving” seemed like the most appropriate way to finally use that thing.

What seemed like a brilliant idea, cooking this turkey, turned out to be one of the more stressful things I have done in my life.  Ok…that’s exaggerating a bit. But dang, handling 16 pounds of raw meat and hosting 28 people that depend on that meat tasting delicious and not dried-out and overdone (the way I usually cook my meat when I cook it for myself because I am that paranoid about it being underdone) was a stretching experience for my perfectionist self.  If you are at all familiar with the enneagram personality type that is trending right now, all the other ones (“the perfectionist”) give a holla.

This is where I owe a huge shout out to my house-mate, Grace, and her mom who, on a Facetime call, was the real MVP and walked us through how to prep this hunk of meat.  No tears in this process, but lots of laughs and some screams.  Sorry, but what the heck are giblets and why do they leave them in there if you’re just going to throw them out anyways?  Call it an excuse, but I blame the American system of quick, convenient, grocery store food for not preparing us to stick our hands up the butt of a raw turkey.  Grace and I came to know Patty the Fatty (yes, we named the bird) really well that night.  A bit too well for my comfort level.

Grace and I were proud of the work we put into prepping the feast.  All that had to be done the next day was rub some spices on it and throw it in the oven.  Boom! Adulting.  Feeling like a real woman.

Until we realized no one was going to be home the next day to put the turkey in the oven.  Everyone in our home had work or school and was tied up until evening.  Little details you learn to think through when cooking a giant bird.  I’ve been living of the poor college-student diet of canned tuna, lunchmeat, and beans for my protein.  So, in my defense, I was not mentally prepared for this.

This is where I owe a huge shout out to our friend Justin, who was able to stop by the house in the afternoon and put Patty in the oven.

I’m nearing the end of this rant about the first turkey I’ve cooked, and I promise I’m getting somewhere with this story.

In this process it struck me how special it is to live in a community that loves God and loves one another.

Community is sometimes messy, it can be inconvenient, and often times it’s a learning process.  But community also one of the greatest joys, support systems, and gifts from God in our lives.

We wound up having 28 women for “gals-giving” to eat a mediocre turkey (yeah, I ended up overcooking it and slightly demolishing it because carving a turkey is another learning process of its own), a random assortment of side dishes, and an abundance of desserts (because we’re women and really…is there such a thing as too much dessert?)

Despite the stress…I mean adventure…with the turkey, I had a moment to breathe, and I thought my heart might just burst with fullness.  You know those moments in life when you literally cannot help but smiling?   As I looked around my home and saw 28 women (ranging from 7th grade – 30 years old) I was overcome with thankfulness and gratitude.  I’ve known what it’s like to feel really alone and not have any community.  And it’s really hard. I thank God for this family he has brought me into, in a small town in southwest Michigan.

We can’t do life, or I believe we can’t do life to the fullest, without community.  A community that is filled with the love of God, one that stands by you through your mistakes and learning, one that will inconvenience themselves to help you in your need, and that will be more excited about sharing time with you than sharing great food.

Great food is a blessing from God (amen!?), but the people that we surround ourselves with is the greater blessing.

That night I had my own translation of Proverbs 15:17, “Better is a dinner of vegetables and herbs where love is present, than a fattened ox served with hatred.”

Better is an overcooked, not beautifully presented turkey where the love of others is present, than the best meal you’ve ever tasted where you’re alone and without community.

This Thanksgiving, I am incredibly grateful for the community God has brought me into.  I am grateful that I don’t have to be the perfect host, the perfect adult, or the perfect cook – but that I get to love people well and be loved well in return.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May you love your people well and be loved well in return.

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