August 2020

Hello again!

Hope this finds you doing well as we officially enter into the fall months


My role in the Missions Engagement department this past month has been a lot of phone calls to pastors and youth leaders setting up events for this fall. The goal in doing events at churches is to get face to face with young people and call them to missions.

While making phone calls has not been the most exciting work, the vision for calling more young people into the mission field drives me.  When I first considered joining YWAM, it was hearing from others in missions with YWAM that was instrumental in my decision.

We are in an opportune time in our nation to be active with our faith as followers of Jesus.  I believe so much in the next generation and believe that they have incredible potential to shift culture if they are empowered to do so.

Within the last month we have scheduled 5 events with youth groups for this fall. A team from YWAM will go to the youth gathering, share a message and testimonies, and call students to live missionally where they are or with YWAM.


My friend and fellow staff member Bailey and I have continued our Friday morning downtown ministry.  We drive around a specific area of the city and pray. This past month we brought popsicles to share with the people there.

We have seen some really hard things, haven’t witnessed much breakthrough, and feel really small – just two girls with popsicles and prayer. But this has become one of my favorite times of the week. We have to keep striking the ground. We don’t fight against flesh and blood, but against spiritual powers and principalities. And every prayer offered, popsicle shared and scripture read aloud is an arrow shot into the spiritual atmosphere.


I am excited to share that I am planning on moving into an apartment at the beginning of next month with two good friends who are also on staff with YWAM Orlando!

I am so grateful to have lived at the YWAM campus for my first months here, but moving off the campus has been a desire of mine for a while now.  I believe there will be great ministry opportunities living in the greater community of Orlando and having neighbors outside of our YWAM family. Another bonus of having an apartment is that I will have a space where I can host people. I envision inviting students over for small group, welcoming people that I meet outside of our YWAM community, and providing a restful place for other YWAM staff.

I say I am “planning on” moving because we are still in the process of getting approved for the apartment. It is a low-income housing complex so there is a lot of paperwork that we’ve had to submit in order to get approved. Our income is within the guidelines to qualify for low-income housing and this place is the most affordable and possible option that is located reasonably near our YWAM base!

The three of us girls that will make up the household really believe this is a place God wants us to be and are praying that the doors will be completely opened for this to happen!



  • Favor with the apartment and that we would be completely approved.
  • Continued motivation and zeal to finish out my last few weeks in the missions engagement department well.
  • Incoming fall students (currently there are 57 students signed up for the fall Discipleship Training School! Pray that nothing hinders them from getting here!)


Thank you, as always, for being my family and support. Would love to hear how you’re doing and how I can be praying for you! 

Blessings, Cassie

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