June Update

Hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the summertime!


Last time I shared about an event I have been planning with my department. A lot of work has happened over the last month and it’s been so rewarding to see the registration officially open and students begin to register for the event!

August 10-14th we are hosting Launch Event at the YWAM base here in Orlando! Launch Event is a 5-day activation experience to call young adults into a missional lifestyle.

Find out more info about it here: https://info.ywamorlando.com/launch

The event will consist of teaching on reaching communities and campuses with the Gospel, training on leading Bible groups, and “Passion Sessions” where students will be able to combine their faith with unique passions and giftings.

As promotion for the Launch Event, we released a “Guide to Effective Evangelism” e-book that I co-wrote with another staff member. Click the picture below to access the full ebook!


It has been an unexpected blessing to be able to write as a part of my work. I have always liked writing and felt that the Lord had further purpose for my writing, and last month two writing projects were dropped in my lap!

The second writing project that I have been working on is creating a devotional book for the Launch Event. In many ways, I do not feel equipped or qualified to be a “writer” of these guides and manuals. However, being challenged in my writing has led me to be more dependent on the Lord in this work and, I believe, continued to refine my writing skills. (The devotional book is not yet completed in the editing process, but I will share this too when it is finished!)



Another one of my roles on staff is serving as an “outreach host” for local ministry. Each week staff and students engage in local ministry.  Many of our local ministry partnerships have been put on hold because of coronavirus restrictions, but as Florida has been reopening we are slowly able to resume local ministry.

I, along with two other staff members, are the outreach hosts for downtown evangelism on Friday nights.  Every Friday a rotating group of students and staff go to downtown Orlando to evangelize in the busiest areas of the city.

Since being on staff I have only been able to attend one of these Friday nights, but it was an incredible night. This particular Friday night there were over 30 YWAM students and staff that went downtown and God was faithful to move in Orlando!

In one night this group of students/staff reported: 

– 54 people prayed for

– 2 healings

– 4 practical needs met

– 6 salvations!

I was blown away and so encouraged at the end of the night to hear all that the Spirit of God did! There is no doubt that people are so hungry for truth and hope in the midst of these wild times. We believe that the harvest for people coming to know Jesus is ripe here in Orlando, and we are signing up to be harvesters that will go into the field!

Unfortunately, due to the increasing cases of coronavirus in Florida, there have been some new restrictions put in place and local ministry is going back on pause for the time being.

Yet, despite the inability to actually go downtown, we will continue to war in prayer over the city.  Every Monday night some friends and I have been spending an hour in prayer for these evangelism times for the city of Orlando.

God has been teaching me the importance of doing everything from a place of prayer first. I don’t want to move or act before seeking the Lord in prayer. The only way our actions have any real power is through the Spirit of God, and prayer is the gateway to welcoming and knowing the Holy Spirit. Despite what feels like setback after setback in these crazy times of continued social distancing, I continue to believe in faith that God is working something greater than we can imagine.  Now more than ever we need to be a praying Church calling on the name of the Almighty God!



This past weekend I flew home to Michigan for a quick trip to celebrate my sister, Kayleigh’s, engagement with family and friends!  It was such a blessing to be able to make the trip and I am so grateful for the kindness of God to give me sweet gifts like this weekend.




Through the summer my work on the YWAM base will continue to be filled with planning for the Launch Event and local outreach in Orlando.

Partner with me in praying for:

  • Young adults and college students to attend the Launch Event.
  • Wisdom in leading and facilitating the event.
  • Continued growth in inviting God into every aspect of my work.
  • Revival in the city of Orlando and our nation.
  • Protection and health over the YWAM campus and community.


Partner with me financially:

YWAM staff account: (CLICK HERE)

PayPal: clbaker04@gmail.com

Venmo: CassL-Baker


Thank you more than I can say – for supporting, loving me well, and encouraging me! Having peace that I am where God wants me to be is confirmed through all of your support and prayers over me.

❤ Cassie

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