Carrying the Love to high schools – 2017

Last week we finished off our tour going to high schools in St. Joseph, Michigan.  We did our assembly in 4 public schools, speaking in front of an approximate total of two thousand students.  We were not able to openly share the gospel, but we were able to invite students to youth group on Sunday night.  This wasn’t a typical youth group evening either.  The church was going to be giving away a hover board and catering in Chick-fil-a.  (If I were one of the students I would have been hooked at free Chick-fil-a.)  Sunday night around 300 high school and middle school student’s showed up!  Micah, the youth pastor we partnered with, has been going to these schools for 5 years now, plowing the ground for revival in the middle and high schools of southwest Michigan.  He is so gifted in engaging the students and gave a message Sunday night of the reality of following Jesus.  Anyone living a lifestyle of pursuing Jesus knows that it is not easy, but it is the most life giving and rewarding relationship we can have.  Throughout this tour we have seen so much hunger in students for something real in which to find hope, fulfillment, and purpose.  Sunday night approximately 30 students gave their life to Jesus for the first time! 35 students were spontaneously baptized at the end of the night!  They found the real hope and purpose the world is looking for!

One thing I’ve discovered on tour is that the more we talk about the gospel and who Jesus truly is, the more I fall in love with him.  Tell someone about a God who gave his life for you so that you can have freedom you don’t deserve and see if you don’t fall more in love too. The beauty and mystery of the gospel is something that will never cease to amaze us.  It’s the love we were created for!

In the past three months from Florida, to Texas, to Michigan, 198 students found this love for the first time.  Another 220 recommitted to giving their whole heart to this God who gave us everything.  It’s simply incredible to me that a group of about 20 college aged kids who didn’t know what we were doing and most of the time had no plan or schedule could change this many lives.  But we gave our full obedience to a really incredible God, so how could we not expect incredible results?

While it was hard to go to school after school, meet so many students, then leave the next day, we left them in the hands of pastors and teachers who will be there to disciple them.  One of my favorite things that I’ve experienced during my time with YWAM is meeting radical Jesus-followers all over the country who are pouring their hearts into their communities.  There are so many amazing people in the body of Christ who believe in this next generation, who believe that revival is coming, and that the hope of the world is not lost.  Thank you for being one of those people, supporting me and partnering with God to make these testimonies possible.

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